Akamie (UH-KAY-MEE)

Welcome! I am beyond ecstatic you're here. I am a senior portrait and wedding photographer specializing in those blissful moments that make you...you! I happily serve the sunny South Florida area and other destinations. I love to travel! Feel free to wander around, get lost in the images, all the while getting to know my unique style. I look forward to getting to know you better.


My Philosophy

Photography is not just my job, it is my passion and desire to document your day in a beautiful, clean, and honest way. I believe these pure and real moments that are captured, are the heart and soul of my inspiration. In this day and age of digital everything, I want to create timeless pieces you are proud to display in and around your home. I want these items to bring you back to the exact moment it was taken and the feelings you felt right then and there. These pieces will eventually become components of treasured family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.