For the past year, I have been struggling with the decision to specialize in one or two niche's of photography. This decision has come with a lot more stress than I would like to admit. I sit down and write the pro's and con's of each genre I may want to specialize in and that makes me realize the clientele I may be losing. Who wants to lose clientele?

I came to the realization in the past few weeks that if you do what makes you happy, then it won't ever feel like you are working. I wanted the decision to be made for me instead of the opposite. This gave me an idea! I went through my portfolio searching for images that I deemed my best work. Low and behold, most of my images were from two genres. Almost all of the images I had concluded to be my best work, were coming from Weddings and Seniors. There was my answer!

Do Less With More Focus - Ali Mac Photography

Searching through Pinterest for some inspiration (as almost everyone does these days), I came across the quote: "Do less with more focus." That is exactly what I needed. I needed to know that I was heading down the right path. As I have started to focus more on just weddings and seniors, I have felt the happiness you feel when you absolutely LOVE what you do. Now that all that unwanted stress is out the window, I can slow down, breathe and focus.

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I hope this quote resonates with you as it did with me. It has helped me slow down, take a breath and really focus on what makes me happy.

What quotes do you really relate to? What truly makes you happy?